Tell us your concerns and goals

Tell us your goals - We will help you achieve them!

“I want a routine teeth cleaning.”

Our dental hygienists provide a precise and thorough cleaning. If you like, you can choose to watch us at work via an intraoral camera while your teeth are being cleaned. If you prefer to relax during your visit, you may watch a movie or listen to music instead.

“I suffer from bleeding and swollen gums (gingivitis). Can you help?” Yes. We have the best tools to

  • show and explain why you have these symptoms
  • analyze your brushing habits with a microscope
  • remove plaque and tartar with microscope technology that enhances visual clarity by a factor of 20

If you'd like to you may watch through the microscope as well using our video glasses.

“I have periodontitis /periodontosis. Can you help?”

Yes, we can. We specialize in gum and periodontal disease. It is our goal to make your teeth and surrounding structures free of infection and inflammation.

“Do I need to be patient at your clinic to schedule a teeth cleaning?”

No. If you are not a regular patient of our practice, we simply ask you to bring your dental X-rays (radiographs) with you when you see us. If we diagnose any dental problems, we will consult or collaborate with your dentist to provide the best possible treatment for you!